Easy Updates Manager Nulled currently helps more than 300,000 users automatically keep their sites up to date and bug-free.It’s also highly customizable to give you real control over what updates to run.

What does Easy Updates Manager do?

No need to login and check for updates. Auto Updates saves tons of time.

Choose and turn on/off individual core, plugins, and theme updates.

View logs of updates that have occurred. Useful for debugging and rolling back your site to an older working version.

Easy Updates Manager is a powerful WordPress tool that enables you to fully manage updates for all of your plugins, themes, core, and translations. This plugin makes managing your WordPress update settings quick and easy – and because it offers endless possibilities for configuration, it puts you in complete control of how, when, and what to update and what not to.

Easy Updates Manager is also multisite compatible and includes built-in logs for your convenience that lets you take a look at updates that have occurred. Logs include the version it was updated from, so this helps in case you need to rollback a dodgy update.

Reliable, intuitive and very highly-rated, Easy Updates Manager makes quick and easy work of your updates; a task that that would otherwise be a complicated, and time-consuming process.

Easy Updates Manager Premium Demo

v9.0.8 Easy Updates Manager Premium Download