v.1.0.3 Formidable Quiz Maker Nulled

v.1.0.3 Formidable Quiz Maker Nulled

The Quiz Maker Nulled plugin for WordPress turns WordPress forms into automated quizzes. Add questions including a quiz field, submit an entry as the quiz answer key, and publish the quiz on a page. Then all the grading is done for you.

WordPress quiz plugin features

  • Create a Formidable form, and add an entry as the quiz key.
  • Automatically score quizzes based on the selected quiz key.
  • Set a custom grading scale, or use the default scale.
  • After a quiz is submitted, show the score in an email, in the success message, or in a view.
  • Format the displayed quiz scores in several ways: the correct answer count, percentage correct, letter grade, or the fraction correct (ie 9/10).

This feature is included in the Formidable Business plan and higher.

Formidable Quiz Maker Demo

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