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v.2.04 Formidable Forms – Digital Signature Nulled

Electronic signatures Nulled aren’t new, courier services embraced them almost without exception over the last ten years. In most countries these online signatures are legal and binding. As a result, electronic signatures may even be used as evidence in court in some countries.

This has opened up a whole new realm of uses for online forms. Now legal documents, lease agreement forms, loan applications and much more are easily completed online! If your form needs to be legally binding, asking for an electronic signature is a must.

Sadly there isn’t yet a global standard for electronic signatures that will hold up in court. For that reason, if your form needs to be binding, it is vital to check the laws in your country.

The Digital Signature plugin allows two ways to collect user signatures. Your users may draw their signature with a touch screen, track pad or mouse, but they also have the option to type it. The drawn option is almost certainly the preferred route, but the “Type it” option makes sure this field can be used be all your website visitors, even those with limited mobility.

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