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v.2.3 GravityView DIY Layout Extension Nulled

DIY Nulled is a different kind of View layout: the purpose is to allow designers and developers the most flexibility.

The goals of the layout are to:

  • No PHP required. Reduce or remove custom PHP programming from your Gravity Forms development project
  • Configure your View outside of the Custom Content field
  • Maintain the visual nature of GravityView field layouts
  • Add tons of flexibility to layouts
  • Make it easy to wrap fields in different HTML tags
  • Customize using CSS as much as you want, without more code than is necessary
  • Provide developers & designers a template with less opinionated markup

DIY allows you to use your own CSS and HTML structure, without needing to modify PHP template files.

DIY Layout includes no CSS—use your own to craft your masterpiece!

With GravityView’s default List and Table layouts, you can create amazing designs using just your Gravity Forms entry data. But the List layout is opinionated: we created a layout that would work well for most needs, not all needs. DIY Layout is the layout for the rest of your needs.

You will want DIY Layout if you:

  • Want more flexibility than the List layout
  • Find yourself using Custom Content fields a lot
  • Modify field content with filters or actions
  • Have ever overridden GravityView field templates
  • Want to modify the HTML tag that wraps field content

GravityView DIY Layout Extension Demo

v.2.3 GravityView DIY Layout Extension Download

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