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Sorting Choice add-on for LearnPress Nulled makes the question interesting but also challenging

LearnPress Sorting Choice Add-on Download FEATURE

  • Create sorting choice question type
  • Students receive full credit if ALL the choices are in the correct order

Two bundles are almost the same, except that LearnPress PRO Bundle has Assignments&Announcement add-on, let you use for up to 03 sites and use the add-ons with any themes.

Since there are many ways to test your student’s understanding of the lesson rather than just multiple choice question type, the Sorting Choice Add-on provides another question type for LearnPress quizzes: Sorting Choice.

Students are required to sort and re-order the answers in the most correct order to get the mark of the question.

As the question type focus on the sorting order, the student will get the score of the question if all the choices are sorted in the correct order.

LearnPress Sorting Choice Add-on Demo

v3.0.2 LearnPress Sorting Choice Add-on Download