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MainWP v4.2 Nulled (Branding Extension)

If you are managing websites on behalf of your clients and want to promote your brand and not use MainWP Nulled this is the Extension for you!! With this Extension, you can easily change the MainWP Child plugin’s branding, remove and disable functions on the child and offer an on-site support contact option for your clients!

Are you running multiple Brands or want to customize what each of your clients sees to provide a more personal feel? That is great; with the Branding Extension, MainWP GPL you can customize every option for each of your clients individually.

The Branding Options section allows you to alter how the plugin appears on your client’s site. You can easily display your company’s name, along with your explanation of what the plugin does in place of the standard MainWP Free Download credits and Author information. You can even select not to allow the MainWP Child plugin to appear at all to your clients!

MainWP Nulled Demo

Version 4.0.2 – 8-28-2020
Replaced .live() with .on() to fix jQuery version compatibility

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