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Quiz Cat Elite Nulled v.2.0.4

Quiz Cat Nulled is a powerful WordPress Quiz Plugin that lets you build viral quizzes that get you more traffic, social shares & email subscribers. It works on all devices and setup takes 2 minutes.

Make Your Blog Posts Stand Out From The Crowd

Blogging & content marketing is getting more and more crowded. With only a few minutes of work, our WordPress Quiz Plugin lets you build engaging, interactive content that your readers will love. Not only will your quizzes make your blog stand out from the crowd, they’ll get you more social shares and leads. Guaranteed.

Create Viral Tests

Build fun tests that assess a person’s knowledge. This WordPress Quiz plugin makes building viral “BuzzFeed quizzes” a breeze. Examples include “Can you pass a U.S. citizenship test?”” and “The Ultimate Star Wars Quiz – Are You A True Fan?”.

Weighted Quizzes

Create more powerful and complex quizzes by assigning points to each answer, instead of a simple right/wrong.
Quiz Cat tallies up the score to give a laser-focused result.

Build Engaging Personality Quizzes

There’s something magical about personality quizzes – people love them. Building viral, engaging personality quizzes is a breeze with this quiz widget for WordPress. Examples include “Which Pokemon are you?”“Where should you go on vacation?” and “Which WordPress host is right for you?”. Using personality quizzes, you’ll get more social shares, guaranteed.

Boost Social Shares

Quiz Cat Free Download lets you take a page out of the playbook of high-growth sites like BuzzFeed and the Guardian. With our built-in social sharing feature, you’ll get more viral traffic and even improve your rankings in Google and other search engines.

You can let your visitors share their results on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and via email with a single click. For best engagement, we even pre-populate your user’s quiz result (eg. I got Darth Vader – “Which Star Wars Character Are You?”).

Get More Leads & Email Subscribers

Quiz Cat lets you ask your users for an email address in order to see their results. This highly effective list-building tactic that could bring you 100s of new email subscribers. People who have already spent a minute or two filling out your quiz will be very likely to enter their email address.

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