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StartApp Multi-Concept Corporate And Creative Theme

Authentication system for iOS apps written in Xcode 9 and Swift 4 ready. StartApp is the Xcode project that startups and iOS developers need for an easy and quick start coding process of a universal iOS app. All professional apps need an authentication system to allow their users to register and log in. StarApp allows to sign in with Facebook or with Email and Password also creates a users database to manage user accounts and store their data in the cloud. StartApp uses the last version of Google Firebase real-time database and authentication systems that allows you to build apps fast, without managing infrastructure and without cost. StartApp provides a nice UI design for your Register and Login screen that fits perfectly in all iPhones and iPad screens. All scripts to connect and read and write data in real-time to Firebase are provided as well as all cocoa pods needed. All code is in Swift, well commented and easy to customize for your own app.

– Unify Register & Login form by email and password
– Reset password by email
– Social Login with Facebook
– Nice UI design and easy to customize
– User Management by Firebase
– Real-time database by Firebase
– Terms and conditions page

Technical features: 
– Xcode 9 native project
– Swift 4 ready (commented code)
– Firebase Backend
– Facebook Login
– CocoaPods

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